“Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” The Game!

Current scores:

Round 1

What is the story's point of view?

Round 2

Where did Connie's family go for the day?

Round 3

Why did Connie choose to stay home?

Round 4

How old is Connie?

Round 5

Roughly how old was Arnold?

Round 6

What is narcissism?

Round 7

Which character is narcissistic?

Round 8

What are some points of evidence from the story that show narcissism?

Round 9

What are some examples from the story where Connie has two sides?

Round 10

What are some instances of Connie's teenage disobedience?

Round 11

What did the music signify?

Round 12

How does Connie describe her mom?

Round 12

How does Connie describe her sister?

Round 13

How does Connie describe her friend?

Round 14

What is Arnold's friend’s name?

Round 15

What clues does the author use to hint the boys’ age?

Round 16

Some phrases he uses that Arnold's friend doesn’t know what is still in style;